Your Values-Based Brand Messaging Strategy

Season 1, Episode 84,  Nov 18, 2021, 08:00 AM

Ashlee Sang is a brand messaging strategist who’s passionate about helping people live out their purpose and create as much of an impact as possible. 

She started out in the international development space, where she worked with an NGO on human rights education. After living in Senegal for four years and freelancing on the side, she decided to use her communication and copywriting skills to serve more business owners and nonprofits.  

In a lot of ways, her journey and story align with mine. Instead of picking one single cause or impact area to focus on, she leans into her multi-passionate interests and serves a variety of purpose-driven businesses and organizations across causes. 

I love how Ashlee breaks down client personas and how to create your value-based brand messaging in a way that aligns with your purpose. If you’re wondering where to start with your brand strategy, this is the episode for you. 

In this episode, we discuss: 
  • Striking a balance between structure and not feeling boxed in
  • The importance of laying a brand foundation
  • Whether you need to separate your personal and brand values 
  • How to get to know your audience and create your client persona 
  • Establishing your core messages to connect with your target audience

“Your brand messaging strategy should absolutely grow and evolve with you as the founder— with your audience as you learn more about them and with your skill sets as you uplevel them. ”
- Ashlee Sang

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