Can Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations Deliver a Balanced Outcome & is Voluntarism as we Know it at an end?

Episode 1,  Nov 19, 2021, 10:00 AM

Our 'Stratis Insights' Podcast series will bring you the latest strategic employment relations insights covering Employee Relations, People Strategy & Engagement and also Workplace Innovation. Stratis Consulting is an expert, partner-led consultancy comprising of the most experienced team of employment relations and industrial relations practitioners in Ireland. Each partner has over 30 years’ experience in supporting, guiding and advising employers on strategic ER projects.

Liam Doherty is joined by Brendan McGinty, managing partner at Stratis Consulting, and Kevin Duffy, former chairman of the labor court. In this episode they are asking the questions of whether collective bargaining and industrial relations deliver a balanced outcome, and is voluntarism, as we know it, at an end?