Episode 7 - Rockstyle Lifestyle Might Not Make it ft NUE

Episode 7,  Nov 19, 2021, 02:00 AM

On episode 7 of This Game Called Life Guapo and PT interview up and coming ROCKSTAR ARTIST @nue_ fresh off his newly signed deal with Replubic/Waxx Records, NUE taps in on his more recent power moves and tons of things in the horizons!

@nue_ is a Scarborough/ Toronto musician who has made his transition from rapper to absolute ROCKSTAR within the last couple of years, we tap into subjects such as; how did covid affect him as a person/ artist, future music and albums on the way, as well as his goal and inspirations as a person, musician and artist! 

We even managed to sneak out a un-scripted freestyle followed by a release of some NEW music on the way!

Would like to personally thank @nue_ for coming out and showing us nothing but love!! 

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