The Lifelong Journey of Integrating Human Alchemy with Goura Loto

Episode 77,  Nov 22, 2021, 10:00 AM

The path that led Goura to Damanhur started when she was a little child. The life she was born into didn’t resonate with her - so, Goura left her home in Italy searching for something different from a “normal” life. She knew there was a path out there for her, but she didn’t know what it was. Relying on her inspiration alone, she was guided to move to Costa Rica - but before she could leave, her sister and synchronicity pointed her to Damanhur. The day she arrived at Damanhur, she visited a temple and within three hours fell completely in love. That day she gave up smoking - the only rule at Damanhur - and then went home to pack her bags. 21 years later, she still calls Damanhur her home.

Goura is not a rational person - purposefully - because she allows herself to live deeper than her rational mind. But even for Goura, overriding the rational mind took practice. In her life at Damanhur she has been exploring the material plane, but also her own potentials - and really, who she is as a person. Every day, she works to know who she is, and to manifest it. Using experiences, practices, rituals, instruments, technologies - all integrated together to build the relationship to herself and that which is all around her.

We are all born with greatness - but we need to put in constant work to get through the multilayered, ongoing process of being in touch with that greatness. Humans are a complex system, in a complex world - but we’re just bridges who get to experience all these dimensions, and that’s the true gift of being human. We connect to ourselves through other life forms, and to gain a deep reconnection means to live life differently from the divided world that leads us to be separate. Your spiritual journey has to manifest through you in your daily life. You need to treat plants well, and your body well, and accept others’ diversities and perspectives, because your divine manifests through the human divine. You can remember the oneness and harmony we all belong to, because it’s all love, and the love is always there for us. Being in a place like Damanhur helps us touch into this magical alchemy because Damanhur itself is alive, but it is available outside Damanhur, too - we just have to remember to feel it. 

You can also visit Damanhur through their virtual reality tours, where you can take part in specific experiences such as meditations. Or, if you feel called, then just go in person because there’s really nothing else like it. 

Goura’s Bio

Goura is the co-creator and instructor of the Damanhur School of Alchemy and Rituality, a transformational travel coach, tour guide of the Temples of Humankind and a facilitator of personal and group meditations. For more than 16 years she was part of the Damanhurian Spiritual Way of the Monks/Nuns. She spent the first 11 years being a nun, fully embracing the discipline of this path to live Mysticism and the Sacredeness of one's potential. She currently continues to help and support Damanhur Magical Journeys all over the world. For over 10 years Goura has specialized in welcoming and guiding people from all over the world in the exploration of Damanhur Federation of Communities and its Temples of Humankind.She became a student of Alchemy and Rituality many years ago, studying directly with Falco Tarassaco, the main founder and inspirer of Damanhur. She continues to learn the theoretical and practical sciences of these subjects with her research group of passionate people like herself.

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