Episode 8 - Makes You Proud to be British!

Episode 8,  Nov 22, 2021, 09:00 AM

On this episode, Suze brings you her own tale of how she got her revenge on a pompous fool and regales us with some side-splitting stories of the incompetence level that some people have to deal with. Cass will crack you up with her story of why mums of teenage boys deserve a lot of sympathy and stock shares in Kleenex, and an oh, so sweet story of revenge at it’s $5 finest! But, of course, who will take the crown?!

Coming up this week we’ll be tickling your ribs with:

- 5 Star Laughs – Suze regales some tales of horror and humour that has Cass howling, and Cass gives us the low down on why tissues are a mother’s best friend
- Karma Kicks Arse – Suze gets her own revenge this week, and Cass’s story will make you laugh, smile, and be angry all at the same time!
- Rant & Rave – Cass takes a shot at a lazy sod, and Suze takes back her name (and that of many women!)
- Sunshine of the Week – *sniff* Both our stories this week will make you weep happy tears!

Hope you enjoy the show!

Cass & SuZe x

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