True Colours 2

Episode 44,  Nov 22, 2021, 07:47 AM

Can it really be 15 years ago since John Devlin's second book, True Colours 2, was released? For those of us that own a copy, time has certainly flown since we got our hands on another bumper batch of John's kit illustrations.

And what a great book it was. Featuring 19 teams - five of which were national teams for the first time - and well over 700 kit images, it more than provided the sort of knowledge craved for by football fans across the UK and beyond.

So what better than to catch up with John to find out what he thought about the book and how he went about researching so much wonderful content? Recorded via Zoom, we find out which team's chapter John particularly liked working on, which British club foolishly decided not to be a part of the project and what connects all of the photographs used throughout.

There's also ample opportunity to remind John of his cheeky comments about Coventry City's relegation woes, the kits we didn't realise we hadn't seen before and much, much more besides.