The LeSherlockHolmes Episode

Episode 12,  Dec 02, 2021, 05:47 AM

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Catching Up With The Boys - Mike's Rough Thanksgiving, Movie Talk (00:00 - 16:27)

Latest In The NBA - Suns Are Red Hot (Maybe Real Good Chances To Win The Whole Damn Thing), NBA Standings Check-In, Mike's Conspiracy On MPJ's Injury, Mike's Awards Power Rankings (16:27 - 36:54)

Chaos In The MLB - MVPs Have Been Named, The Free Agency Floodgates Are Wide Open, MLB Is Officially Going To A Lockout... Boooooooooo (36:54 - 1:02:15)

Latest On The NHL - Some Bad Hockey Jerseys Have Been Unveiled, People Are Biting Each Other, NHL May Forbid Players From Going To The Olympics, Penguins Have New Owners, Maple Leafs Are Currently The Best Team In Hockey (1:02:15 - 1:16:59)

College Football Is Insane Currently - Michigan Beat Ohio State, CFP Rankings, Deep Dive Into Brian Kelly Going To LSU and Lincoln Riley Going To USC (1:16:59 - 1:52:48)

What's New In The NFL - Week 11 & 12 Takeaways, King(s) Of The Week, Dogshit Of The Week, Tom Brady Of The Week, Ian's Officially Dead Teams, Week 13 Gambling Corner (1:52:48 - 2:34:29)

Closing Remarks - A Look At Ziggy's Website Made For Ian Blum - Quarterback Of The Northwestern Wildcats, LeSherlockHolmes (2:34:29 - 2:43:00)

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