HCP RoundTable LVII: Teofimo Sr to Hearn: "How could you do this to us?", Haney or Tank due upset?

Dec 04, 2021, 04:41 AM

Guest panelist: Michael Montero

Teo Sr texting Eddie Hearn according to Eddie Hearn on IFL interview

-Haney vs Jo Jo , who wins and how?

-Tank vs Cruz  , 1. Who wins and how? 2. Are you buying ppv?

-Khan vs Brook announcement excitement level? 

-Whos more likely to make an explosive comeback in the year 2022? **just one name per panelist** Wilder, Teo, AJ, Gary Russel? (Someone else?)

- Kambosos the "sweepstakes" or "easy pickings" some of his peers and fans seem think he is? 

-2021 has been upset central : if there's one more significant or major upset to take place in 2021 which one should we have our eye for? 

-A Drago franchise? Dolph Lundren mentioned possible rocky spin-off; are you all in or enough of the rocky franchises? Also, Drago vs Lang; who would've won.