Episode 9 - All Brawn and No Brain

Episode 9,  Dec 06, 2021, 09:00 AM

On this episode, Suze and Cass spar-off in a side-splitting segment of You Dirty Sod. Both Cass and Suze will make you gag while you’re giggling this week. You will actually HEAR Cass’s rant happening in the background of this week’s Rant & Rave! Our favourite scatty, scathing psychic, Sceptic Peg is back with her sharp tongue, and of course, the episode wraps up with a pretty little Sunshine of the week with stories that’ll make you cry and have you on the edge of your seat! We also welcome a new member to the Sh! Team this week. But, of course…the big question is…who will take the crown?! Don’t forget to listen to the bloopers!

Coming up this week we’ll be tickling your ribs with:

- You Dirty Sod – Cass leaves a bad smell in Suze’s nostrils, and Suze makes Cass gag, once again!
- Rant & Rave – Both Suze and Cass rave about their own personal rants this week and listen up for Cass’s rant happening in the background!
- Sceptic Peg – She’s back to give all you Sagittarians a swift backlash of her tongue!
- Sunshine of the Week – More moving stories that’ll make you cry happy tears!

Hope you enjoy the show!

Cass & SuZe x

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