Poetry on the theme of fire - soft spoken poetry to help you relax

Season 3, Episode 12,   Dec 05, 2021, 10:39 PM

The FIRE episode

Fire and Ice - Robert Frost
Holy Ground. - Matthew Andrews : http://www.matthewjandrews.com
This is Girt by Fire - JP Seabright : https://jpseabright.com
Burning - Sarah Connor : https://fmmewritespoems.wordpress.com
Where did this begin?  - Nikki Dudley: https://www.nikkidudleywriter.com
Eruption - Jared Beloff: https://www.jaredbeloff.com

Smoke - Rebecca Kenny in collaboration with Emily Paget : https://www.instagram.com/rebeccakennywrites/
The Charcoal Burners Wife - Karen Jane Cannon : https://magmapoetry.com/archive/magma-81-anthropocene/
Public Service Announcements - Jude Marr: http://judemarr.com
Fire on the hills - Robinson Jeffers
Firefly under the tongue - coral Bracho, translated by Forrest Gander: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/49318/firefly-under-the-tongue
You were a boy the night you knelt - Katherine Blair: @Katherine_blair
Matchbox Mouth - Daniel Duggan: https://www.instagram.com/dandugpoetry/