The Shahmazing Baldwin

Episode 28,  Dec 06, 2021, 09:09 PM

It’s clear where we stand on the Shah Shocker documentary, in that it’s not at all shocking. However, we are in two different camps with unintentional murderer Alec Baldwin. Did he pull the trigger? Does Clooney have a point? Have we forgotten that Hillary Baldwin is a grifter? Was Dave Coulier holding a woodchuck? Obviously, we get to the bottom of all this because we’re professionals.

In brighter news, Pen15 is back! Maya & Anna made us laugh, cry, and have flashbacks of Scout Aileen Wournos’s Bunny Massacre of 2020. Speaking of HATCHET, Amber lost her shit on the Teen Mom OG reunion right on cue & Dr. Drew still loves Farrah.
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