Pop Screen: The Star Wars Holiday Special (with Archaeon)

Season 2, Episode 44,  Dec 09, 2021, 06:00 PM

We hope all our American listeners had a happy Life Day recently - if not, let this week's Pop Screen put you in the party mood. In 1978, just one year after A New Hope was released, the stars of George Lucas's original blockbuster reconvened for a bizarrely misconceived variety show that's never been officially re-released. They were joined by guests including Art Carney, Jefferson Starship and Bea Arthur in an officially licensed production that nevertheless has the same relationship to the main Star Wars universe as one of those knock-off toys you get from a dodgy market called something like Space War: Return of the Empire.

In this week's Pop Screen, glutton for punishment Archaeon returns to discuss with Graham such pressing matters as Carrie Fisher's somewhat medicated performance, the origins of the special's inexplicable focus on unsubtitled Wookie grunting, the unexpected connection to legendary country singer Gillian Welch and the justly notorious scene where Diahann Carroll turns up to provide some of what Adam and Joe once called "family-friendly erotica". We also talk a bit about the last season of Taskmaster, because, eh, we've earned a reward.

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