Loremen S3 Ep90 - Marek Larwood - Sam the Sandown Clown

Season 3, Episode 90,  Dec 09, 2021, 01:00 AM

An otherworldly clown from the Isle of Wight encounters two wide-eyed human children. And, in other news, Marek Larwood meets James and Alasdair. Marek, comedian (We Are Klang) and card game inventor (Pooman), dons the mantle of Deputy Loreperson and relates one of the strangest tales the Loreboys have ever heard. What exactly is Sam the Sandown Clown? A ghost? An extra terrestrial? A child's obvious lie? You decide.

Prepare yourself for tuneless birthday songs and the triumphant return of the category "It's IT from Steven King's IT".

Marek's YouTube - https://youtube.com/c/MarekLarwood1

Loreboys nether say die!

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