The Return Of Mike Vs. Noah

Episode 13,  Dec 09, 2021, 05:00 AM

December 9th, 2021

What's New With The Boys - New Backgrounds And Entrances, Minecraft, Call Of Duty (00:00 - 7:35)

Latest On The NBA - What's Up With Damien Lillard, Pacers Committing To The Rebuild, NBA Standings Check, Mike's Awards Power Rankings, Zion's Weight (7:35 - 34:30)

Day 7 of No MLB - There Ain't Much (34:30 - 37:21)

Latest On The NHL - Hawks Getting Better, Islanders Suck, Coyotes Aren't Paying Their Stadium Bills (37:21 - 39:37)

College Football Bowl SZN - Recap Of The Conference Championship Games, CFP Is Set, Coaching Changes Not Slowing Down, Heisman Finalists, Ian's Bowl Game Challenge, Bowl Game Talk, Army Vs Navy (39:37 - 1:11:25)

Another Week Of The NFL In The Books - Week 13 Takeaways, King(s) Of The Week, Dogshit Of The Week, Tom Brady Of The Week, On The Spot Body Bag Games Of The Week, Week 14 Gambling Corner (1:11:25 - 1:52:18)

Wrapping Up - Taco Bell Orders, Christmas Movie Talk (1:52:18 - 2:09:46)

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