S03 EP30 Roger Ballen Artist/Photographer/Filmographer Horror

Season 3, Episode 30,   May 30, 2021, 06:20 PM

Well, here's a new one!!!  Roger Ballen is a Horror Artist living in South Africa!  He's such an awesome interview. Join Shauna and Victoria as they speak to him about his latest creation "Roger the Rat".

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Shauna is still working on the website for DeadConvention while Victoria has been working on the magazine and they're up to their eyeballs in graphics, words, ooze, zombies, ghosts, well hell, you get the gist of it. 

They love that y'all still come in and listen, even though Sha has a bad habit of being late on the show's uploads.. *ahem* Anyway, tune in and listen to their awesome show with Roger Ballen.  There's a bit of echo, as Shauna couldn't quite edit it out completely without muffling his voice.  Roger was in his museum at the time so talk about AMBIANCE(yes, they know it's with an e).. LOL Until Thursday or Sunday.. or ya know!!!

Roger Ballen

      Works (remember y'all it's art.  So it's up to you where your children's eyes wonder)
          "Roger the Rat"
“I Fink U Freeky” by Die Antwoord
"Theatre of Apparitions"

Not all images in this commercial/flier are taken by G.E.E.K.S. All credit goes to the artist/photographer/etc.

Not all images in this commercial/flier are taken by G.E.E.K.S.  All credit goes to the artist/photographer/etc.

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