S02 EP42 Part 2 Six Jane with EPGP

Season 2, Episode 42,   Apr 09, 2020, 01:00 PM

As we say in our vocal disclaimer during the shows, we really mean it.  This is for 18 and up! If you're going to listen, you're listening at your own risk!  :D

Prerecorded: 2/12/2020

Airing: 3/18/2020 Part 1 and 3/25/2020 Part 2

EPGP Website: 4/02/2020 and 4/09/2020


Join the G.E.E.K.S. ladies, Shauna and Victoria, as they speak everything paranormal with Six Jane!  Hear how she got into the paranormal and what she does to help others with a newfound hobby.  Wednesday 3/18/2020 for part 1 and 3/25/2020 for part 2.  You always hear it first on para-x.com!

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