Live Show and Bonus Mystery Guest

Episode 53,  Dec 17, 2021, 02:13 PM

*I do not own any rights to the music playing on here. Opening: Light My Fire~ Mickey Taelor My Mary Jane~ Mickey Taelor Ft Richard Wright Interlude: Let's Play~ Mickey Taelor Love In Time~ Mickey Taelor Swiggle Dark Mandela~ Swiggle Mandela I Love My City~ DJ OG O.N.E. ft Farnell Newton, Easy Mccoy Taboo~ Alana Rich (Pascal Letoublon Remix) Honey Dip~ Veana Baby Ft Sotae Get Close~ RainEzra Closing: Take The Lead~ Swiggle Mandela Feat. Alana Rich, Alec Lehrman, ANGELYNN, BMO, Lyla Andy, Rainezra

This was my first live show, and it was so much fun! If you were not there, then you missed a great time and some cool prizes. Next show hopefully in six months and even bigger! Don't miss it! Thank you to Swiggle Mandela, Alana Rich, DJ Arcadia, Sotae, and Rain Ezra for coming on, having fun, and being just so great. I also want to shout out Missy B and Cruz Room Annex for helping me make this a reality. If you have not been to The Cruz Room, check them out at 2314 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211