EA Revamp Champs Playoffs & Finals & Wild Winter Cards #W14

Dec 22, 2021, 12:57 AM

With FUT Champions changes and Winter Wildcards — it has been a big week for FUT! Market expert Nate (The FUT Accountant), streamer MattFUTTrading, YouTube Legend AirJapes and your host Ben to discuss:

  • Some very strong Pound For Pound Powerhouses!
  • Winter Wildcard Torres
  • POTM Trent
  • Winter Wildcard Taarabt
  • Winter Wildcard Sow
  • When to buy Winter Wildcard players
  • Fodder prices
  • Winter Swaps thoughts
  • Our Icon Swaps Choices
  • New FUT Champs Rewards
  • Playoffs easier (and likely same for Finals)
  • FUT Champs Tinfoil Hat Theory

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