7 Things to Become a Millionaire Before 30

Episode 181,  Dec 23, 2021, 01:49 PM

Welcome to eCommerce Scaling Secrets! Here I, Alex Fedotoff, share with you valuable knowledge I’ve gained throughout spending millions of $$ on online advertising.

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You were waiting for it! 

Hey guys,

Have you already made your first million with ecom? On your way there? Not even close?

Well, 5 yrs ago, I was making $2/hr working at a factory in Poland…Now, I’m a multi-millionaire living in Miami

Wanna know HOW I made it from THERE to HERE?

Today, I will lay down the 7!!! main things that helped me get my FIRST mil of $$:
there is NOTHING WRONG with ‘stealing’
market DOESN’T CARE about YOUR opinion
finding your ‘wolfpack’ is CRUCIAL
WHY environment beats EVERYTHING
“BREAK THE BOXES” - there is NO LIMIT to what you can do

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