Bonus: T to the 4th Power Y Holiday Edition: Jingle TTTTYs

Dec 26, 2021, 03:00 PM

We wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at our newest Patreon show called "T to the 4th Power Y," time to talk to you, where we just hang out and shoot the shit about our weeks and what's going on in our lives. These episodes drop every Sunday and are available at every level of the Patreon! For as little as $3/month, you get all of our regular episodes ad-free, a bonus episode per month and a weekly check in show with us! There are already 10 more TTTTY's on the Patreon ready for you to binge right now, not to mention the up to hundreds of other episodes we have on there! We hope to see you in the Patreon where we can have wayyyy more hang sessions! LYLAS