The Disappearance of Johnny Gosch

Episode 197,  Jan 01, 03:00 PM

In the early morning of September 5th, 1982, 12-year-old Johnny Gosch set out for his morning paper route in West Des Moines, Iowa. Typically, Johnny’s father woke up early to help him with delivering the papers. Recently, Johnny had been begging his parents to let him complete the route on his own. His parents told him that he couldn't. However that Sunday morning, he didn’t wake up his father and left to collect his newspapers. Other paperboys saw Johnny speaking to a man in a car and then continuing on his way. Several witnesses reported seeing the car again and a man walking out from between two houses to follow Johnny. Later that morning, neighbors began calling Johnny’s parents to ask why their paper hadn’t been delivered. Johnny’s dad went to look for his son and found his abandoned wagon and his little dog that he’d taken with him. Johnny was nowhere to be found. 39-years-later, there still has not been a proper investigation into his disappearance and he has never been located. Was Johnny simply a runaway or was he abducted and forced into the world of child trafficking?

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