Karen was attacked while hiking

Episode 97,  Dec 31, 2021, 08:00 AM

Karen, who lives in South Africa, enjoyed nature and the outdoors, and often hiked alone. But on one of her outings, she discovered that she was not the only one on the trail that day.

As human beings, one of the things we crave is community. We need social interaction, and we want to feel like we belong in a group. Whether it’s family, or co-workers, or a church, or a local club – it seems like we need to be with other people.

But for some people, there are times when we like being alone. I ride my bike every morning, and it’s something I really look forward to – just being out there for an hour, just me and my own thoughts. And maybe a podcast or two of course.

For some reason, in our modern society, there’s sometimes kind of a stigma with doing things by yourself. I know some people who would feel a bit awkward going to see a movie alone. That doesn’t bother me at all though. If there’s a movie that comes out that looks really good to me, it might be something that my wife wouldn’t want to see – so I don’t mind just going to see it by myself.

My guest today, Karen, lives in South Africa, and she’s the same way. She always kind of liked being by herself, especially in the outdoors, with no other people around. 

One afternoon she was out on a solo trail hike, really enjoying the solitude and being surrounded by nature, with no one else around. 

But she wasn’t the only one on the trail that day.

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