Denis Hurley Interview

Episode 46,  Jan 01, 01:10 AM

In this, our second special episode that was originally recorded for Patreon followers only, Denis Hurley is the guest to discuss his lifelong love of football kit design, his kit illustrations and numerous website projects including Museum of Jerseys.

As many people will know by now, Denis is a prolific graphic artist, and one that has carved out a niche for himself by focusing on rare and overlooked kits from the past, as well as fantasy designs that are much admired online.

Our conversation covered these and other topics including rugby shirts, Gaelic games, mashup kits, as well as a look at how Denis got into football kit illustration around the time of the 1990 FIFA World Cup. So if you're a fan of Museum of Jerseys and want to know more about the man behind the project, have a listen to this podcast, after which you might want to listen in to The Football Kit Podcast, co-presented by Denis and Les Motherby.