Episode 136: How to approach the New Year differently

Episode 136,  Jan 02, 02:08 PM

On this episode of the podcast,  Roslyn discusses approaching the New Year 2022 differently. She discusses the following ways that you can really focus on the New Year and how to be more focused in the New Year.

A different way to look at the New Year:
-Approaching the New Year with Hope
- Creating a solid ground for yourself and God (what is you and God's relationship going to be. How can you focus solely on that)
- Find the mission of what you're working towards. (Create these anchors that you can come back to for the year)
- Pick 1-2 Core focuses
- Plan around that
- Accountability to really check in with you
- Make it visible so that it's attractive.
- Focus on you and the Lord

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Scripture References:
1 Kings

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