Jan 04, 05:51 PM

Join us as we start the new year right, with special guest, creative director, multi faceted artist and friend in real life, Carlos Andres Cortes *reggae horns*
We learn the distinction of photography being a craft, not the final product, how impactful traveling abroad can be, how important chance encounters are and how badly y’all wanna correct us while you’re listening 😂 We also talk the movie and experience of seeing #GoinUp2, Elevator Skateboards and MOOD Magazine.
In the #UnrefinedHalf we go over the much anticipated end of year rap ups from Mad Skillz and Uncle Murda- how over the top Murda is with his homophobia, and how different they both treat this assignment. We also discuss Door Dash reinstating their in house program of every employee being a dasher for a day, once a month.
We starting off 2022 with a 22 year old creative genius- put some respect on our names, grab your red cup and listen up.