Episode 9- Find Your Passion and Keep Things Organic

Episode 9,  Jan 06, 03:00 AM

Happy New Year to my TGCL family!! Im hoping and praying that everyone had an amazing end to their 2021 as well as an amazing start to their 2022! 

Been holding onto this one for a while, this was shot back in late November, it was a great honour to have collaborated with such great souls and energy!! 

It brings me great pleasure to introduce to you all two of my great friends Mr. Tray Starks and Mr. Rez Raida !! We bring to you over 10 years of friendship, experiences, succese's, failures and our shared passions for life, love, music, arts and unity! 

You know GUAPO always sets the mood, each of us are diverse in what we do, but we all share a great similarity in vibes and music!! This episode we preview some of our VERY OWN music as well as some freestyle vibes for you all!! 

We tapped in on passion and what that means to us, each of us carry the same views on what we want out of life and also give out a great message to the younger generation! hoping that we can help any audience in any way!

As always there's a couple blooper spots in their as we tap in on LOVE, CHEATING and some undisclosed stories from inside the bedroom... you win some... you loose some! 

I hope you guys enjoy this episode and its wide range of gems, views, experiences, lessons not failures along with great energy and always.. amazing vibes! 

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INSTA- @traystraks
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EMAIL- talkofthetimez@gmail.com