Special Report from the Intelligence Cell | Ep 56 | Preventing Murder in Slow Motion™: The Attack and the Aftermath with Rachel Williams, Part 3

Episode 56,  Jan 07, 06:00 AM

Laura interviews survivor, advocate and all-round inspiration Rachel Williams.

Laura picks back up with Rachel – where she and Jack are running for their lives.

Please be advised that this episode may be triggering, angry making and distressing. Listener discretion is advised.

Rachel has been part of the successful campaign to stop abusive men going from one partner to another. Police, prison and probation services must proactively identify, assess and manage serial domestic abusers and stalkers and ensure that they are included on the same database as sex offenders. Sign the Petition

Rachel’s Petitions

Buy Rachel’s book The Devil At Home

Please support our campaign work to protect women by sharing this important episode with family, friends and colleagues and amplify our voices.

Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and so-called Honour Based Abuse (DASH) Risk Identification, Assessment and Management Model

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