A dental aesthetician, entrepreneur and a fashionista: Dr. Rashika Vijan

Episode 57,  Jan 07, 05:30 AM

Today’s M-Power guest is stunning, fabulous and a Dental Aesthetician!

Excited to have Dr Rashika Vijan with us here who will be sharing her life’s journey as a Dentist, entrepreneur and a fashionista!

Using the most cutting edge technology and systems from all over the world, Dr. Rashika has treated over 1000 patients for Smile Design. With a team of 10 specialist doctors under 1 roof giving her patients the most satisfying and pain free treatment, she runs the Dr Rashika Vijan Dental Studio which received the award for excellence for quality innovation and management for the year 2017.  Dr.Rashika was inspired by a passion for perfection and excellence and she has 17 years of experience in the field of dentistry.