Lunch Fight with Jeffrey Emerson

Season 2, Episode 1,  Jan 10, 10:00 AM

This week we are joined by Jeffrey Emerson. Jeffrey is an actor, comedian, and speechwriter living in New York City. Jeffrey recurs as Warden Kilpatrick on Season 2 of Happy! on Netflix and can also be found in season 2 of Only Murders In the Building on Hulu. He founded the standup comedy show LAf DAnce SAloon (NY Times Comedy Shows to Catch 2019, and a regular on Time Out NY’s Best Comedy Nights) and has performed in clubs all around NYC. Check it out!

In this episode we discuss growing up in Colorado and Southern Virginia, auditioning for college plays as a middle schooler, being taken in by the skateboarding kids, playing bloody knuckles, drinking and hosting parties to become popular, and so much more. You don't want to miss our discussion about why diners are the best! Give it a listen!

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