Why Can't I Save Money?

Jan 07, 11:30 PM

“I always give every single reason about why I can’t save money. From not making enough money in my entry level job to still living in this same area, I feel like it is so hard to save money. I really want to save money but I really don’t know how to save money with the little money I have.” Does this sound like you? Instead of asking the questions like, “Where is my money, where my tax refund or where my stimulus money?” Gabby wants you to focus on yourself. In this episode, Gabby gives 3 reasons of why you are not saving money. She covers how living paycheck to paycheck happens since she understands and has been there herself. She knows what it’s like to Google, “How to make money online, how to earn money online, making money,” when the rent is past due. She knows that money can be a topic we don’t talk about in this family. Listen now and send to a friend who really needs to hear this.