Estate Agent suspends worker over Youtube student rant

May 14, 2012, 05:03 PM, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

A Belfast estate agent has suspended a staff member after a recording of him threatening and verbally abusing a resident of a house was posted online.

Property People took the action after the recording appeared on Youtube.

The staff member let himself into the rented house and proceeded to swear at and berate a resident for not answering the door.

Property People said it was shocked and horrified he had behaved in "such an unprofessional manner".

At one stage the man threatened to knock the "head off" one of those inside the house.

He also called him several derogatory names.

The estate agent said: "As a business we pride ourselves in the way we deal with all of our clients.

"We subscribe to the Property Ombudsman's professional code of conduct and expect all our staff to behave in a professional manner.

"However, in light of this incident we will be reviewing our staff training and development procedures with immediate effect." #belfast #rant #student #youtube

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