What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Episode 71,  Jan 17, 05:01 AM

We're BOUNCING from Martin Scorcese's "Wolf of Wall Street" to Lasse Hallström's "What's Eating Gilbert Grape"! We're going from Wall Street in 2013 to Gilbert Grape in 1993. Thank you for the BOUNCE this week, Leonardo DiCaprio.

(0:15 - 42:23) Mike and Harry discuss "What's Eating Gilbert Grape". Do you know? Should we still be concerned about this? We're going to figure it all out! And we'll talk about watching "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" on the Oculus. How do you like to watch whatever's eating Mr. Grape?

Where will we BOUNCE to next week? Will it be to Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean"? Juliette Lewis in "Kalifornia"? John C. Reilly in "Stepbrothers"? Or Lasse Hallström's "Hachi: A Dog's Tale"?

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