John Lyons

Episode 77,  Jan 14, 05:05 AM

This week, all it took was a blue tick and the gall of a Gary Vee groupie to lure our latest guest from the shadows. It’s a man with a brilliant marketing brain and alarmingly dirty mind, John Lyons. 

John has shed loads of experience in marketing strategy, campaigns and promotions for agencies, start-ups, and huge brands. And he’s currently living the miniature brick-building dream as Senior Loyalty Proposition Manager at a certain Danish toy company.

Listen to John chat rant on his all-access pass to the Houses of Parliament, what being an architect taught him as a marketer, tactics, strategy, and why one is not better than the other, promotions, loyalty, the Batwing, James Blunt and tons more. Plus, he doth tip his Twitter famous hat to Jerry Daykin, gem Higgins, Mark Ritson and Tom Goodwin. 


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John’s book recommendations are:
Eat Your Greens by Wiemer Snidjers 
The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson