How He Creates Millionaires Overnight - Adam Epstein Interview

Episode 187,  Jan 13, 06:59 PM

Welcome to eCommerce Scaling Secrets! Here I, Alex Fedotoff, share with you valuable knowledge I’ve gained throughout spending millions of $$ on online advertising.

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Hey guys,

Wanna SELL YOUR BUSINESS? Well, got some GREAT NEWS for you today!

Today, I’m speaking with Adam Epstein - VP of Mergers and Acquisitions at Boosted Commerce - who’s gonna EVALUATE your biz and potentially BUY IT!

Adam will walk us through a process of CREATING A 9+ FIG PORTFOLIO of ecom brands…

We will talk about some topics you HAVE NOT HEARD about before on this channel:
the NICHES most suitable for exit/acquisition
KEY POINTS to consider based on valuation of 2000+ businesses
structuring a TEAM and the HIRING process
the whole BIZ ACQUISITION process - based on DOZENS of 7+ fig buys
how to create an OMNIPRESENT acquisition model

Feel free to GET IN TOUCH with Adam and see what your biz is WORTH OF right now…
OR just see the way to PREPARE your ecom store for an exit…

Find out more about Adam's biz here:

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