Special Report from the Intelligence Cell | Ep 57 | Preventing Murder in Slow Motion™: Red Flags in Maria Stubbing’s Murder with Celia Peachey, Part 1

Episode 57,  Jan 14, 06:00 AM

Laura interviews survivor, campaigner, activist, speaker, transformation coach and CEO of Ultimate Alchemist, Celia Peachey. Celia is sister to Bengi and the daughter of Maria Stubbings.

Maria was brutally murdered between December 16-19 2008. She had reported Marc Chivers, a man she had had a relationship with to Essex Police. Maria told Police that Chivers had assaulted her both physically and sexually.  She also reported that he broke into her house and stole her medication.  You'll hear the details of what happened in the episode.

Please be advised that this series may be triggering and it will be angry making and distressing. 

You can find out more about Celia and her work here: https://www.celiapeachey.com
IG: @misspeacheycelia FB: https://www.facebook.com/MissvVooshPeachey

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Celia has been part of the successful campaign to stop abusive men going from one partner to another. Police, prison and probation services must proactively identify, assess and manage serial domestic abusers and stalkers and ensure that they are included on the same database as sex offenders.
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Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and so-called Honour Based Abuse (DASH) Risk Identification, Assessment and Management Model

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