1/14 - Take Two Acquires Zynga for three times the price of the Star Wars Franchise

Jan 14, 03:00 PM

We're finally back in 2022 with some more gaming news! Topics include: Take Two Acquiring Zynga for $12B, In order to help with PS5 shortages Sony is making more PS4s, and E3 is going online only again, can the showcase keep its relevance in the age of internet showcases?

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00:00 - Intro
2:44 - Trivia
5:51 - Topics
8:42 - Fromsoft is officially working on Armored Core
19:29 - E3 is going to be online only again this year, how bad is it for E3’s continued relevance?
25:11 - Sony’s Firesprite Studio has taken over Twisted Metal Reboot, Lucid also loses staff
32:27 - In order to address the PS5 shortage, Sony is going to… make more PS4s?
36:59 - Pokimane banned on twitch (for 2 days) after blatantly watching ATLA on stream
42:55 - The Winner is…
44:10 - Closing and Plugs