Jan 18, 05:16 PM

This week the red cup siblings do a quick hour on some interesting tings such as certain school districts not considering Asian Americans' people of color, the future being right now in the metaverse, or to be franker, the problems with it and how we are already partially living it...oh and we weigh out the pros and cons of smart guns which contain RFID chips or fingerprint tech that allows only a registered user to fire it.
We also know the 2020s have been full of secure the bag talk and the Unrefined duo talk about a story that hit the net involving a celebrity, some consensual sex, hot sauce, and some "what the F word" all in an attempt to get a bag. And we definitely gave up major love for the Maya Angelou quarters coming to a cash register near you!
Listen up and sip from ya cup! The Unrefined are here for some time.