Panna Lal Panauti Part 1: A Life Full of Misadventures

Season 2, Episode 3,  Jan 21, 05:12 AM

They say life is full of ups and downs but for Panna Lal, it's a never-ending trail of misadventures.

The poor chap's life is a tragicomedy where misfortune have been following him like a shadow since the very moment of his birth. 

Now Panna Lal wants to prove to the world that he is not a panauti and he is ready to do whatever it takes. Will he be able to get rid off his jinx and prove that he is not bad luck?

Tune in to this new episode of Qisse Kahaniyaan to find out what Panna Lal 'Panauti' is upto!

About The Podcast

Stories are at the core of our living — we all love to hear stories but we also take refuge in the world of stories through the characters that we hear about, read and watch.

We laugh when they laugh, feel their pain when they are sad and their first love...well, that reminds us of our own.

My name is Alif and I am a storyteller, and Qisse Kahaniyaan is my attempt to bring you some such memories wrapped in words, dressed in sound, and juiced with nostalgia and memories.

Voiceover and Editing: Athar Rather