Whole Lotta Shaking Going On (Part Two) - Kerrie "Killerette" Lewis - Singer, Author, and Ex-Wife of Rock N Roll Icon Jerry Lee Lewis for twenty one years!

Season 5, Episode 8,  Jan 21, 02:00 PM

     Kerrie The Killerette Lewis is back again along with her manager Norm Brewer for part two of our incredibly entertaining interview with her! Kerrie was married to Rock N Roll Icon Jerry Lee Lewis for twenty one years and joins Jaimie Kay and Johnny Sanchez for her very first interview since being married to the Killer!
     In this Life & Laughs In The Jungle Room EXCLUSIVE interview, Kerrie discusses many topics including how Jerry would escape to her parents house for days playing piano for hours for her Dad while her Mom cooked all his favorite meals and waited on him "hand and foot." We hear about his love for family and his strong faith in God, how the birth of his son Jerry Lee Lewis III changed his life, and the challenges of being married to someone that is 28 years older. We find out why they opened their ranch to the public for tours and the hilarious time Jerry Lee accidently walked in on a tour in his unmentionables. Kerrie describes what it was like dealing with the many female fans throwing themselves at her famous husband, his shocking response about it, and her funny reply, as well as whether or not she experienced any abuse in her own marriage to him. Kerrie describes her relationship in the past and present with Jerry Lee's ex wife and cousin Myra. Kerrie responds to people who thought Jerry Lee was responsible for the death of his former wife Shawn and what was going through her mind marrying him just a few months later. She also talks about the video that Jerry Lee says he got away with murder as she tells him to "shut his mouth," and the circumstances surrounding that comment.  Kerrie shares her excitement about where she is at in her upcoming autobiography about all of these topics and more.  Stick around after the video for this weeks outtakes.
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