The Art of 'Bahas': How Arguments Are Not Won With Slander and Falsehood

Episode 76,  Jan 22, 05:24 PM

French philosopher René Descartes's famous phrase 'cogito ergo sum' - I think, therefore, I 'am; resonates with every thinking and reasoning mind. And it's thinking that makes us analyse and bring our reflexive and contemplative skills to the fore. This in turn draws us so much closer to what we consider true, that we would even prove any conflicting view to our version of truth, wrong.

And it is this exposure with the opposing ideas when a person indulges in arguments. But knowing when to stop arguing is what determines wisdom from verbose.

Arguments, are what make us never stop thinking, and thus, form a part of our most  relationships. Especially the most intimate ones that bind us in matrimony. And the key to win such arguments is wit. Urdu poet, Ghaus 'Khwah Makhwah' Hyderabadi's nazm, 'Biwi Aur Patloon', is probably a good example if wit in argument. 

Tune in as we explore the theme and of argument or 'bahas' through not only satire and romance but also tragedy in Urdu poetry.