Episode 10- The Creation, Rise and Successes of Canadian Hip Hop Producer RICH KIDD

Episode 10,  Jan 25, 03:00 AM

Hello my TGCL FAMILY!!

We present to you an amazing link up!!! a true legend in  Canadian HIP-HOP History! It was a true honour and appreciation being able to interview this amazing person and artist!!

@richkiddbeats is truly very talented and blessed individual who I had the pleasure of growing up with in the same neighbour we all represent.. RIDGEBLOCK, THE ROTTEN WAY, 3480!!! On the outskirts of burnanthorpe and Colonial, this small section of government housing surrounded by Detached homes and dreams, really made us the men we are today!! 

@richkiddbeat is a Canadian music producer, rapper, director, teacher, amongst many other things!! A truly bright and humble individual!! Who paved the way for many people in our neighbourhood, including myself!! 

We tapped in on all of rich Kidds successes from producing for Canadian music legends such as; Drake, Saukrates, and Nelly Furtardo, to getting beats stolen and used for members of G-UNIT MOP, Busta Rhymes all the way to remix samples from the legend himself DMX!! 

Alongside his work within the remix project of Toronto, to touring country and breaking barriers with his performances at MANIFESTO TO and his VICE DOCUMENTARIES, this is a interview you do not want to miss!!

Id like to take the time to thank everyone involved in making this interview and video come to life!! MANY MORE TO COME!! STAY TUNED, LIKE, COMMENT SUBSCRIBE and see below for all social media contacts!!  

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