Who authorised Pen Farthing's animal rescue operation?

Jan 27, 06:03 PM

Whilst everyone waits for the Sue Gray report, all eyes turn to the next scandal: Pen Farthing's animal rescue operation out of Afghanistan. It has been revealed that Boris Johnson's parliamentary private secretary, Trudy Harrison contacted a jet hire company in an attempt to secure a plane to evacuate the pets. The PM has responded to these allegations saying they are 'total rhubarb' - but what does that mean?

'You don’t seem to get the impression that Downing Street feels as if they are under pressure about this' - Katy Balls

Also on the podcast, is Boris Johnson planning a shake-up of his staff at No.10? And if so, who might go? Martin Reynolds? Dan Rosenfield?

All to be discussed as Isabel Hardman speaks to James Forsyth and Katy Balls.