Forrest Gump

Episode 74,  Feb 07, 05:01 AM

We're BOUNCING from Robert Zemeckis' "Back to the Future Part III" to Robert Zemeckis' "Forrest Gump"! Thank you for the BOUNCE this week, Bobby Z.

(0:15 - 22:25) Mike asks Harry the question ... are you a "Spielberg" or a "Zemeckis" kinda guy? Let the DEBATE begin!
(22:25 - 54:00) Mike and Harry discuss "Forrest Gump". The drama! It's all here in this episode! Does this 1994 Best Picture winner hold up? Or is it basically just a film about a character "Trick r’ Treating throughout history." 

Where will we BOUNCE to next week? Will it be to Tom Hanks in "Big"? Robin Wright in "She's So Lovely"? Mykelti Williamson in "Fences"? Gary Sinise in "Ransom"?

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