Content: Printing Coins, Packs & Future Stars Gems with Zweback #W21

Feb 08, 09:20 PM

ZwebackHD returns to the podcast to discuss all things FUT Future Stars and more with TOTY Pack Hoarding Expert MattFUTTrading, FUT legend AirJapes and your host Ben. They dig into:

  • Matt's 4000+ pack TOTY grind
  • Pound For Pound Powerhouse Nominations
  • Future Stars Darmsgaard
  • Future Stars Elmas
  • Future Stars Porro
  • Chalobah Objectives
  • POTM De Gea
  • Future Stars Bellingham and Vlahovic
  • Moments Giroud
  • Future Stars Tokens
  • Why Bronze Pack Method is printing coins
  • Generating packs by adding League SBCs
  • Early mistakes people often make
  • How to do SBCs on the cheap
  • Loads more!
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