Follow up on the Lego Man and Lego Lady story - where work and life meet social media

May 15, 2012, 04:07 PM

This is the story of how I ended up taking a Lego Man to SOBCon in Chicago in May. He ended up meeting Lego Lady there and they had quite an adventure.

Here are 4 learnings that I took away from the experience:

Social Builds Bridges: As hard as we try, we cannot be everywhere at once. That said, social media gives us an ever expanding array of tools that we can use to maintain ongoing connections with our loved ones in new and creative ways. While not perfect, this type of connection can truly help to build bridges that reinforce the love we have for the people in our lives who matter.

Social Help Breakdown Invisible Barriers: The line between work and life is eroding more and more. Years ago, many people would not dare to mention their family while attending a business conference, meeting or event. Today, technology enables us to breakdown invisible barriers. Every single person who heard the story of Lego Man & Lego Lady showed interest and wanted to know more. This opened the door to multiple discussions related to how we work, live and play.

Authentic Personal Branding Matters: Who you are in your personal life can be part of your personal branding. Sharing stories and personal things about your life enables people to get to know the real you. It allows you to be authentic. People can really identify with this and come to trust you more. Trust leads to relationships. Relationships lead to increased business opportunities with partners who both respect and relate to the true you. There are countless online influencers who have managed to successfully blend their personal life with their online identity.

People Like Simple Ideas: People like things they can smile about. Sometimes the smallest of ideas can create a buzz that people can relate to. Even more, when there are opportunities for people to part of building a story buy-in is increased. Multiple people at SOBCon wanted help create the Lego Man & Lego Lady story. They wanted to contribute to the happiness they saw unfolding.

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