The Mike & Mike Episode

Episode 23,  Mar 10, 05:00 AM

Thursday, March 10th, 2022

Mike Talk ~ Mike's New Job, Ziggy's Apartment Hunt, Both Mike's Got Tickets For The Weeknd (00:00 - 10:28)
The Batman Review *SPOILERS* (10:28 - 22:53)
Latest In The NBA ~ Mike's New Top Team, How To Fix The Lakers, Mike's Current Playoff Predictions, Bradley Beal On The Move? (22:53 - 51:30)
Day ? Of No MLB ~ No Deal Yet, But Friday Night Baseball On Apple TV+ Sounds Fun (51:30 - 56:06)
Latest News In The NFL ~ Rodgers Stays Put, Russ Now Elevates The AFC West To Hardest Division In Football, Wentz vs Garoppolo vs Trubisky, Calvin Ridley Gambles And Loses, Free Agent Talk (56:06 - 1:26:52)
Cut The Mike's ~ Ziggy Has No Idea About St Patrick's Day, March Madness One Week Away, Mike's Sand Volleyball Team, Ziggy's College Has The #1 Baseball & Basketball In Division II (1:26:52 - 1:35:15)
**Lazy Mates Podcast Returns Next Week For Final Oscar Predictions**

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