Brentford Looking to Out-Fox Leicester - Pre-Match Podcast

Episode 857,  Mar 17, 01:30 PM

A second win in the row - this time against relegation-threatened Burnley - was enough to lighten the mood amongst Brentford fans

And it was Ivan Toney's double in the final five minutes of the game which saw the Bees take all three points

Billy The Bee Grant (@Billythebee99) and Dave Laney Lane (@Beesotted100) got together in the virtual joint to discuss the Burnley win

Plus they discussed the furore which erupted after the game after the Burnley Commentators complained about the Brentford fans celebrating their victory after the final whistle

Jonathan JB Burchill (@Jonathan77777)  gives us some penalty and late goal facts and funk

Plus Jamie Thorpe (@thorpie54) gives us the lowdown on Leicester

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