3/18 - The Perfect Dark Reboot is in Trouble as half the studio has quit

Mar 18, 02:00 PM

We're back with some more gaming news! This week's topics include: Xbox's Perfect Dark Reboot is in trouble, PlayStation accused of systemic Sexism, and Star Wars Eclipse might not release until 2027.

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Show Notes:
00:00 - Intro
3:42 - Trivia
6:49 - Topics
9:26 - Star Wars Eclipse may not release till 2027
20:00 - Two men connected to Bobby Kotick just happened to buy $100M Activision stock right before Microsoft bought the company
25:49 - PlayStation accused of systemic sexism by several former employees.
32:26 - Trouble over at Xbox’s The Initiative after roughly 50% of staff leaves
39:13 - Time for Chris’ favorite topic, Super Nintendo World will open in California in 2023!
47:31 - Just weeks into Elden Ring’s launch, it sold 12M copies. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/elden-ring-has-sold-over-12-million-units-already/1100-6501572/
55:34 - The Winner is…
57:45 - Closing and Plugs