Poetry on the Theme of Poetry - Ars Poetica for World Poetry Day. Soft spoken poetry to help you relax

Season 4, Episode 8,   Mar 21, 2022, 10:55 PM

ASMR poetry readings

This episode features a raft of poetry on the theme of poetry from a huge range of brilliant poets. Thank you to all of them for allowing me to feature their work.

The poems are:

Misread by Paul Brooks - thewombwellrainbow.wordpress.com
Words by Sylvia Plath - https://genius.com/Sylvia-plath-words-annotated
Poem by Marie Little - https://www.marielittlewords.co.uk
Lang Lee by Jayne Ayres - https://janeayreswriter.wordpress.com
Consequences by JP Seabright - https://jpseabright.com/forthcoming/
The problem with poetry - Simon Zec
The day after by Jayne Ayres - https://janeayreswriter.wordpress.com
Mobius #5 - S Reeson - https://internetofwords.com
Stargazing with Bees - Louise Mather - https://louisematheruk.wixsite.com/louisemather
Must poetry always have meaningĀ  by Swapna @Swapna S28
Therapy by Audre Lorde
How poems are made (a discredited view) by Alice Walker
Crystal Night by Edward Barker
Ars Poetica by Ann Cuthbert - @anncuthbert5
Poem for people who don't like poems by Nicole Tallman -https://nicoletallman.com
She wears a hooded cloak by Soo Finch - http://soopoftheday-soo.blogspot.com
A poem saved me by Tony Frobisher - https://www.frobipoetry.com
Ars poetica by Nikki Dudley - https://www.nikkidudleywriter.com
Ars Poetica by Archibald MacLeish - https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/17168/ars-poetica