4/1 - E3 2022 is Canceled, and Wont Even Do an Online Showcase

Apr 01, 02:00 PM

We're back with the hottest gaming news! Topics include E3 2022 is canceled, Sony reveals new PlayStation+ plans, and GTAV adds a $6 a month battlepass.

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00:00 - Intro
1:39 - Trivia: how much has Fortnite raised in 10 days for Ukraine?
3:39 - Topics
5:53 - E3 is officially canceled forreal forreal this year. Will it ever return?
12:31 - Master Chief removing his helmet in Halo series “had to feel earned and meaningful”
18:17 - Sony finally reveals their changes to Playstation +, includes a 3 tier structure.
29:55 - Sony acquires Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios before they’ve made a single game
34:54 - After introducing it temporarily, Fortnite has permanently added a no-build mode
41:34 - Nintendo takes down scans of Super Mario 64’s strategy guide
51:12 - The Winner is…
54:33 - Closing and Plugs